Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

I was having a blissful Saturday morning sleep when I was woken up by some weird noises. It turned out to be my boyfriend making every effort possible to wake me up at 8am. When I opened my eyes I saw him looking in the distance. He looked like a guy in some serious distress. The evil side of me wanted to go straight back to sleep but then I remembered the Support Clause in the girlfriend contract. Luckily I had read the small print.

Was his sadness caused by work problems?  Was he worried about the situation in Libya? Or perhaps it was a sudden panic about not emptying the dishwasher? 

I'm afraid not.

Apparently he had been worrying about the future of QPR, the football club he supports. He had been worrying about it for weeks. I'm not kidding.

Are women missing out? I mean we don't have a passion that unites us like men are united by football. I can't imagine a shopping trip to Westfield ending with hugging people you don't know in some grotty pub and singing ridiculous songs. Wait a minute. It all sounds a bit familiar...

Well I didn't have to worry about him for too long. It's now 8am on a Sunday and he is his walking around the flat singing "We are the champions" whilst balancing a QPR tea mug in his hand.

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